Marvel Deadpool Trading Cards Hobby Box (Upper Deck 2018)

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Each Box contains Two Hits!

One Base Set High Series Card Per Box!

Two Hits from the following:

- Dead Patch Manufactured Patch Cards
- New Mutants Interior Cut Comic Cards
- Dead Glass Plexiglass Cards
- Original Art Sketch Cards
- 3D Lenticular Cards

100 Card Base Set featuring the characters and antics of Deadpool.

Two Unique Parallels featuring a black and pink version of Deadpool.

Inserts include Meet the Pools! and Deadpool Bombing (Wade just can't resist photobombing).

Original art specially created for 2 new Inserts! Learn how to make a chimichanga the Deadpool way in Chimichanga with Deadpool! Identify Deadpool's iconic and rare sports card references in Sportball!

Dead Patch! Contains manufactured patches featuring Deadpool and items from his Universe. Look for 4 different tiers of rarity!

New Mutants 98! Deadpool cut comic cards from his first appearance!

3D Lenticular Cards give depth of field to your favorite merc with 3 tiers of rarity!

Dead Glass Cards printed on Plexiglass substrate!

1-of-1 original art Sketch Cards!

18 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack