Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Box (20 prylar i lådan)

This unique item is a great deal for Hello Kitty fans and collectors! Collect all 88 trading cards and 25 different mini figures.

Each "Carry All Case" contains 2 mini-figures, 4 regular trading cards, 4 sticker scene cards, 2 die-cut cards, 2 foil cards, 2 texture cards, and 2 checklist booklets.

As an extra BONUS, 1 mini-collector album (one of 4) and 1 fold-out timeline poster are also included

Product Details:

Each "Carry All Case" includes 2 Fun Packs

Learn about Hello Kitty through the decades with fun facts and trivia questions!

Look for one premium foil card, texture card and die-cut card and mini-figure (one of 25 figures) in every fun pack

Bring the Hello Kitty design evolution to life from 1974 to present day through the collectible card market as she shares her celebratory 40 years on trading cards! Elements such as sticker scene cards, texture cards, foil cards, and various other technologies, designed to enhance the collecting experience and promote trading and sharing with friends.

Mini-Collector Album in the "Carry All Case" will give girls an opportunity to show off their collection, while promoting repeat purchases in order to collect the entire card set.

Value added items such as Hello Kitty mini-figures will help break the stereotype of what a trading card can be today! Interactive play components include creating a timeline and building a puzzle out of the cards!

Targeted to both young and old Hello Kitty fans, primary target girls 4-8, while reaching out to the hardcore collectors in their teens, 20's and beyond.

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Trading Card Fun Packs are based on Sanrio's globally popular character Hello Kitty.

Manufactured by Upper Deck

95 kr

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