2022 Super Break Supercharged Edition Series 2 (Hel Box)

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This 2022 Supercharged Edition will feature some of the finest collectibles & Buybacks from Basketball, Baseball, Football, Boxing, Golf, Presidential, Music and Famous Celebrities.

This Product Run is Packed with: 

  • Buyback Cards
  • Presidential Documents
  • Signed Jerseys
  • High End Memorabilia
  • Game Used
  • Sealed Boxes 
  • Complete Sets
  • Rare Vintage Cards
  • Historical Documents
  • and more!

Find the best modern Rookies, Stars, and Hall of Famers PACKED INTO THIS RELEASE!

Find the following types of BuyBack Cards in this Product:

- BGS 10's PSA 10's, and Black Labels-
- True 1/1s, Logos, Logomans, Shields, and Jumbo Patches -
- Graded & Encased Vintage Hits-
- True Rookie Patch Autos, Patch Autos, Refractors, and more-

Find the following types of Memorabilia in this Product:

- Presidential Documents-
- Historical Documents-
- 6 Way Relics-
- Game Used Memorabilia-
- Signed Jerseys, Baseball Bats, Magazines, Cuts, Books, and Photographs and More Amazing Certified Memorabilia!

This Product Will Come with a 40 Category Group Break Checklist.