2022-23 Panini Donruss Elite FIFA (20-pack Box)

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The best clubs and best national teams in the world! Donruss Elite FIFA 2022-23 has it all!

The retail box contains 20 packets.

Each packet contains 10 cards.

In the retail box you’ll find:

Base and Rookie cards, each with nine parallels exclusive to packets: Red, Status and Aspirations (up to 99 numbered parallels); Orange (#/30); Pink (#/25); Purple (#/15); Gold (#/10); Green (#/five); and Black (1/1).

SpellboundElite DeckStart Status and Field Vision cards, each with two parallels exclusive to packets: Gold (up to 10 numbered parallels) and Black (1/1).

Back to the Future Signature and Pen Pals cards, which feature real player autographs and are numbered from one to 199. Look out for Gold (up to 10 numbered parallels) and Black (1/1) cards too!

Throwback Threads and Spark Plugs cards, featuring memorabilia and numbered up to 99 (Throwback Threads) and up to 49 (Spark Plugs). Plus, keep your eyes open for Gold (up to 10 numbered parallels) and Black (1/1) cards!

In each retail box, on average, you’ll find:

eight parallel cards, three of which are numbered;

12 cards from the SpellboundElite DeckStar Status and Field Vision subsets.