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2021 Upper Deck Space Jam 2: A New Legacy (Hobby Box)

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The Toon Squad is back with LeBron James in this Space Jam New Legacy trading card set! Upper Deck has returned to the animated world of Space Jam in this exciting set featuring an eye catching new look. Don’t miss out on all of the big hits this set has to offer including rare Rookie Cards, Film Cel Autographs, 3D Lenticulars and Patches!

An average box includes 3 Box Hits
Possible Box Hits include:
Autographed Cards
Sketch Cards
Manufactured Patches and Film Cels
3D Lenticulars
Cosmic Relics

Find Two Inserts or Parallels Per Pack on average.


Base Set Parallel Cards

A Variety of Themed Inserts!

Looney Tunes in Action
Power Moves
Tune Squad All-Stars
Tune Squad or Goon Squad Rookies!!

New Legacy Film Cels Inserts – Featuring Manufactured Film Strips

Lucky Collectors Can Pull These Rare Cards

Film Cel Autos & Film Cel Dual Autos
Breaking the Game 3D Lenticulars
Own a piece of the movie with Cosmic Relics!
Certified Memorabilia part of Space Jam: A New Legacy Production!

Looney Tune Patch Inserts

Looney Tune Character Patches
Tune Squad and Goon Squad Jersey Patches
Look for Rare Tune/Goon Squad jersey Auto Patch Variants!
Space Jam Letterman Patches

Space Jam 2 Original Art Sketch Cards!

Parallels & Inserts with average ratios of insertion:

Base Set: Neon Orange Parallel, Neon Purple Parallel – 1:2
Looney Tunes in Action: – 1:1.8
Power Moves – 1:3.3
Tune Squad All-Stars – 1:16
Production Cel Relics – 1:1920

New Legacy Film Cels
Tier 1 – 1:36
Tier 2 – 1:48
Tier 3 – 1:96
Tier 4 – 1:290

New Legacy Autographed Film Cels, Sketch Cards, Tune/Goon Squad Jersey Patches 1:320
New Legacy Dual Autographed Film Cels – #’d to 49
Breaking The Game 3D Lenticulars 1:6
Breaking The Game 3D Lenticulars – SP’s 1:400

Cosmic Materials:
Relics 1:89
Ball Relics 1:800

Signature Ball Relics:

Tier 1 #’d to 25
Tier 2 #’d to 10

Looney Tune Characted Patches 1:120
Letterman Patches 1:72

Tune/Goon Squad Auto Jersey Patches:
Tier 1 #’d to 99
Tier 2 #’d to 10

Teal, Pink 1:120
Autographs – Horizontal 1:400