2021 Sportkings Volume 2 (Blaster)

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HARD-SIGNED autos including: Bill Russell, Drew Brees, Emmitt Smith, Randy Johnson, Roger Staubach, Tony Meola, Ted Simmons, Curtis Martin, Ray Allen, Robin Yount, Vince Carter, Denis Potvin, Darrell Waltrip, and many more World Champions, Gold Medalists and Hall of Fame athletes!!

(1) BONUS Pack in Every Box! Look for:


Memorabilia Cards

Jared Kelley Artist Portrait Cards

Century Heroes Cut Signatures with 1/1 Sketchs

Gary Kezele 1/1 Sketch Cadsd

1/1 Grand Patch Cards

Paul Madden Original Rendering (Exchange Cards)

Babe Ruth Century Heroes Cut Signature Card with 1/1 Gary Kezele Sketch!

This set continues base card numbering from Volume 1 so the first card in this release will be #49.