2021 Historic Autographs 1945: The End Of The War (Hobby Box)

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Each Hobby Box Contains 3-4 Relics Per Box, On Average!

More than 75 years ago, the world was embroiled in a horrific struggle as powers split into two sides, the Allies and Axis, and fought around the globe. Some experts estimate that 75 million people died in World War II, including about 20 million military personnel and 40 million civilians, many of whom died because of deliberate genocide, massacres, mass bombings, disease and starvation. This number may be on the low side as most countries' records are classified. Socially, racism and sexism were still prominent in many areas of the world and these barriers were slowly being removed by determined men and women.

Historic Autographs has chronicled the year 1945 because of the monumental importance of the end of World War II. This trading card series tells the year-long story of one of the most influential years in World History. Although centered around the events of WWII that occurred in 1945, other events, people, sports and achievements are also highlighted. Historic Autographs hopes you enjoy collecting and learning about this impactful era in world history


1945: The End of WWII is almost here! Documenting the people, places and events in the final year of the war, this new product from Historic Autographs will be offered in both hobby box (20 packs) and retail/blaster box (6 packs). Factory Sets are limited (with both Allies and Axis versions - both #/299 - making 498 in all). The factory set will come with all 146 cards (all are in Radiant parallel version) plus (3) Alloy parallels and (1) Aurora parallel for a total of 150 cards in each factory set.

Subsets in 1945:

Negro Leagues Cut Autographs: Although some players did serve as soldiers, most Negro Leaguers were denied service and continued to thrill fans with their brilliance on the field. Some of these great payers' signatures are featured in this sub-set.

Pilot Autograph cards: Featured with wonderful art to honor these great men and women pilots, this borderless sub-set features the signature of several brave pilots who aided in the war effort.

Servicemen Autograph Cut Cards: This sub-set features the signatures of many of the top military leaders during World War II. Some names are known to most, while others were just great leaders that help lead the Allies to victory

Service First Autograph Cards: The "Greatest Generation" faced challenges that most Americans today cannot fully understand. Many enlisted to serve their country, while others were drafted. Either way, this sub-set features the men of Major League Baseball who served their country during World War II.

Yank Magazine Coin Cards: This sub-set features the pin-up images used in the popular soldier magazine Yank intended to keep up the spirits of the men fighting a war. Along with these sultry images are coins minted during 1945 including quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.

Presidential DNA Hair Cards: Each of the featured Presidents in this subset served their country in some facet during World War II. Each card depicts the President or future President in his military uniform and is accompanied by an authentic strand of his hair.

Dog Tags: This 70-card sub-set features men, women and popular animated characters as they would have looked in 1945. Each of these subjects served in the war effort in one way or another, including Jackie Robinson, Hank Greenberg, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and Stan Musial.

Challenge Coin Cards: This 16-card subset features eight military subjects, four dominant military units and four of the most dominant airplanes used during the war.

Military Relic Cards: This 70-card sub-set uses the same seventy subjects as the Dog Tags sub-set but features a piece of an authentic World War II military uniform. These relics are 100% authentic and vintage but were not worn by the card's subject.


- DNA Hair Cards- 1:900 packs
- Dog Tags Relics - 1:27 packs
- Autograph Cut Cards - 1:44 packs
- Pilot's Autographs - 1:313 packs
- Challenge Coins - 1:50 packs
- Printing Plates (all 1/1) - 1:210 packs
- Aurora parallel (#/45) - 1:10 packs
- 1/1 Art Cards- 1:610 packs
- 1945 US Coin Card- 1:97 packs
- Uniform Relic- 1:14 pack

OVERALL relic pull rate is 1:6 packs - so each retail blaster should have one relic per box (on average) and hobby boxes should average 3-4 relics (on average)

Hobby Box also contains 1 comprehensive 42-page checklist pamphlet and (1) 5x7" Metallic Holographic Crack-and-Peel WWII Sticker

Factory Sets are limited (with both Allies and Axis versions - both #/299 - making 498 in all). The factory set will come with all 146 cards (all are in Radiant parallel version) plus (3) Alloy parallels and (1) Aurora parallel for a total of 150 cards in each factory set.

20 packs per box, 10 cards per pack