2021-22 Upper Deck Tim Hortons (Löspaket) *SÄNKT PRIS*

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Also like last year, the 2021-22 Upper Deck Tim Hortons Hockey checklist offers 270 cards in the master set. This includes the 125-card base set and a short-printed Red die-cut (1:4) version with rounded edges.

The returning insert lineup consists of Gold Etchings (1:8 packs), NHL Canvas (1:9 packs) and Wayne Gretzky Tribute (1:12,000 packs). The limited insert for "The Great One" totals approximately 1,500 cards.

In addition, look for debuting choices in Hockey Heroes (1:24 packs), Photo Finish (1:5 packs), ProMotion (1:12 packs), and Superstar Showcase (1:6 packs). ProMotion is the first UD insert to use this new coating technology.

Of course, the 2021 NHL Draft Pick (1:12,000 packs) card covers a top rookie.

Beyond that, premium 2021-22 Upper Deck Tim Hortons Hockey cards include a variety of autographs and memorabilia inserts. This includes Superstars Signature Autograph cards for Nathan MacKinnon (100 copies) and Sidney Crosby (87 copies).

All autographs and relics, as well as the #1 NHL Draft insert, are issued as prize redemption cards.

Sold separately, fans can also grab the official 2021-2022 Tim Hortons Collector's Series binder.

One big change from previous years is that the Collect to Win program has moved from being an online component to being an in-pack promotion. IMPORTANT TO SEE IF THESE REDEMPTIONS ARE STILL LIVE!!!!

Fans can uncover a few different Golden Prize cards in packs:

  • $50 Tim Card (1:36,410 packs; 500 winners)
  • NHL LIVE Subscription (1:91,024 packs; 200 winners)
  • Official NHL Team Bike from FunRideBikes (1:182,048 packs; 100 winners)
  • Trip to the 2022 Stanley Cup Final (1:3,640,960 packs; 5 winners)
  • Trip to Meet Sidney Crosby (1:18,204,800 packs; 1 winner)

The Collect to Win program officially closes on December 8, 2021.

Collectors at home can also print the official Tim Hortons Hockey checklist PDF.

Release Date: October 27, 2021
Product Configuration: 3 cards per pack, 100 packs per box, 8 boxes per case