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2021-22 Upper Deck Credentials (Hobby Box)

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BASE SET: Build the 150-card base set which includes a 100-card, serially-#’d Debut Ticket Access rookie subset broken down into four tiers of rarity. Collect 12 parallels of the veteran portion of the base set and nine parallels of rookie portion. All of the parallels - highlighted by the shared (vets & rookies) Green, Hobby Exclusive Purple, Gold and 1-of-1 Black parallels - are serially-#’d.

2020-21 ROOKIES: Also collect the complete 100-card, serially-#’d 2020-21 Debut Ticket Access set and the same nine serially-#’d parallels, including the low-#’d and Hobby Exclusive Purple parallel!

HARD-SIGNED AUTOGRAPHS: The latest edition of Credentials is loaded with autograph sets, the vast majority of which are hard-signed and serially-#’d. Here is a rundown of the hard-signed sets:

  • Debut Ticket Access Autos: Collect both the 2020-21 & 2021-22 Debut Ticket Access Autos sets featuring the top rookies from both seasons. There are seven parallels of each set, and aside from the Tier 1 portion of the 2021-22 Yellow parallel, all are low-#’d!
  • Ticket Access Autos: This is the star veteran counterpart of the Debut Ticket Access Autographs set. Collect up to seven parallels, all of which are low-#’d! Retro Ticket Access Autos: This limited-subject set sports a retro ticket design. Collect up to seven parallels, all very low-#’d!
  • Acetate Ticket Access Autos, 2020-21 & 2021-22 Acetate Debut Ticket Access Autos: These stunning, low-#’d veteran and rookie sets, built on the always-popular acetate stock, will be valuable additions to any collection.

NEW INSERT SETS: 2021-22 Credentials sports a number of incredible insert sets, including four brand new sets:

  • Main Stage Signatures: A rare autograph set with a two-tiered Gold parallel (the Tier 2 cards are serially-#’d) and a 1-of-1 Black parallel. 
  • Rookie Arrivals: This set celebrates the newest generation of the NHL talent. Keep an eye out for autograph parallels.
  • Speed of the Game: A stunning Light FX insert showcasing some of the fastest players (veterans and rookies) in the league today. Collect one rookie version per box, on average.
  • View from the Glass: This rare set, featuring veterans and rookies, simulates the view from seats on the glass. Collect both the regular set and the low-#’d Gold Spectrum parallel.