2020-21 Leaf In The Game Used Hockey (Hobby Box)

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Each Box contains Five Premium Hits!

Leaf Trading Cards is proud to announce the return of one of the hobby's most celebrated hockey products with 2020-2021 In The Game Used Hockey!


SUPER SWATCH SIGNATURES: An auto memorabilia card with a jumbo-sized memorabilia swatch! Featuring sports icons such as Eric Lindros, Luc Robitallie, and Grant Fuhr

A YEAR TO REMEMBER: Single player quad memorabilia card featuring hockey legends and some of their best seasons of all time! Such as Mario Lemieux 1988-89, Brett hull 1990-91, and Gordie Howe 1952-53

THE CAPTAIN'S LOG: 4 player 4 watch memorabilia set that features captains of some of hockey's greatest franchises! Such as Toronto: Armstrong/Keon/Sittler/Sundin and Montreal: Beliveau/M.Richard/Harvey/H.Richard

HOCKEY REDRAFT: A 4 player memorabilia insert that ask the question what if the draft were held after we knew who would be great! Such as 1983 1.Hasek/2.Yzerman/3.Neely/4.LaFontaine/5.Barrasso/6.C.Lemieux or 1988: 1.Selanne/2.Modano/3.Blake/4.Rechhi/5.Roenick/6.Mogilny

IN THE GAME USED AUTO:Single player auto memorabilia featuring stars such as: Mario Lemieux, Gordie Howe, and Teemu Selanne.

RING LEADERS: A single player dual memorabilia insert set featuring hockey's greatest champions and most prolific ring bearers such as: Jean Beliveau, Maurice richard, and Mark Messier!

IN THE GAME USED TRIPLE AUTO: 3 player auto memorabilia card featuring triple stars such as: Hull/Hawerchuk/Selanne and Howe/Lemieux/Hull.

THE ICONIC 8: 8 player memorabilia card featuring some of the sports most iconic Heroes! Such as Howe/Delvecchio/Hull/Mikita/Armstrong/Horton/Baun/Keon

PASSING THE BATON: 2 legends are featured in this dual memorabilia insert that highlights passing the mantle of greatness. Such as: Lemieux/Crosby, Howe/Yzerman, Jagr/Hossa, and Esposito/Neely

TRIPLE MEMORABILIA: 3 players memorabilia card featuring legends with ice in their veins such as Beliveau/Howe/Olmstead and Lindbergh/Lundqvist/Salo

VINTAGE MEMORABILIA 6: A 6-player memorabilia card featuring6 pieces of hockey history! Such as: Conacher/Stewart/Jackson/Clapper/Joliat/Morenz

TIMEWORN 2: 2 player memorabilia card featuring legends and superstars from years gone by such as: Gordie Howe/Bobby Hull, Bill Durnan/ Gerry McNeil, and Georges Vezina/Percy LeSueur.

4 YOUR COUNTRY: A 4 player memorabilia card featuring hockey legends that share pride of a nation! Such as canada:Howe/Oates/Esposito/Trottier, Sweden: Sundin/Alfredsson/D.Sedin/H.Sedin, and USA: Modano/LaFontaine/Housley/Leetch.

IN THE GAME USED DUAL AUTO: 2 player auto memorabilia set featuring heroes such as: Bobby Hull/Guy Lafleur and Grant Fuhr/Ron Hextall

CENTER PIECE: A single player 2 swatch memorabilia set featuring some of the greatest centers in hockey history such as: Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, and Stan Mikita

ONCE IN A GENERATION: A single player signature memorabilia card featuring once in a lifetime Hockey heroes such as; Mario lemieux, Dominik Hasek, Gordie Howe

THE CHAMPIONS CLUB: Dual auto memorabilia card featuring 2 stars that were once champions! Such as: Lemieux/Trottier, Chelios/Carbonneau and Hull/Hall

THE FANTASTIC FRANCHISE: 8 player memorabilia card featuring all time greats from some of the sports greatest franchises such as Chicago:Hull/Mikita/Esposito/Kane/Savard/Larmer/Hall/Towes or New York: Gilbert/Ratalle/Leetch/Messier/Tkaczuk/Hadfield/Giacomin/Richter

VINTAGE MEMORABILIA: A single player vintage memorabilia card set featuring legends of hockey lore such as: George Vezina, Cyclone Taylor, and Newsy Lalonde

VINTAGE MEMORABILIA 4: A 4 player memorabilia card featuring 4 pieces of hockey history! Such as; Richard/Blake/Stewart/Mosienko and Sawchuk/Plante/McNeil/Bower

THE CHOSEN FEW:Amazing one of one memorabilia insert set featuring patches, tags, logos, shields, and more! From superstars such as: Paul Kariya, Alexander Ovechkin, Joe Sakic, and Mario Lemieux.

IN THE GAME USED GEAR: A single Player 6 swatch memorabilia card! Highlighting hockey heroes such as: Domink Hasek, Jaromir Jagr, and Pelle Lindbergh

IJUMBO MEMORABILIA: A swatch of greatness in jumbo size! Featuring monster patches, gloves, skates, and pants from hockey standouts such as: Gordie Howe, Alexander Ovechkin, and Joe Sakic!

HOLY GRAIL: 4 player memorabilia card featuring only skate or glove eyelets from the holy grail of hockey legends such as: Vezina/Benedict/Taylor/Adams