2019-20 Upper Deck Allure (Blaster)

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• The 100-card base set features the best veterans and rookies in the game today!

o BLASTER EXCLUSIVE! Collect the Yellow Taxi base set parallel, falling at least one per Blaster pack.

• Allure’s debut features the Top 50 Prospects insert, dedicated solely to the game’s best newcomers. Be on the lookout for the rare Blue Autograph parallel.

• Find a variety of other alluring inserts to collect, including Winter Storm Warning (20 of today’s biggest stars), For the Record (10 record-breaking players), Open Ice & Iced Out (a mix of newcomers & established stars) and a short-print variation of base cards 65-100The latter also boasts a Pink Diamond parallel.

• Grab rookie jersey memorabilia including the Red Rainbow Rookie Jersey parallel cards of the base set.


• Base Set (Veterans & Rookies): Regular Parallels

o White Rainbow: 1:4

o Red Rainbow: 1:8

o Yellow Taxi: 1:2 (Blaster Exclusive!)

• Rookie-Specific Cards

o Base Set - Red Rainbow Rookie Jersey Parallel: 1:60

o Top 50 Prospects: 1:4

o Top 50 Prospects - Blue Auto Parallel: 1:200

• Alluring Inserts

o SP’s 101-110: 1:40

o SP’s 101-110 - Pink Diamond Parallel: 1:80

o Winter Storm Warning: 1:20

o For the Record: 1:80

o Open Ice: 1:40

o SP’s 111-135: 1:16

o SP’s 111-135 - Pink Diamond Parallel: 1:32

o Iced Out: 1:32