2019-20 Leaf Superlative Collection (Hobby Box)

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Each Box contains One Premium Hit!

Leaf Is Excited To Announce The Reinvented and Reconfigured 2019-20 Superlative Collection Hockey!


All Star Ink 6: A Six Player Signed Card That's Sure To Bring Back Memories From Your Favorite NHL All Star Game Featuring 6 All Star Signers.

All Star Ink 8: An Eight Player Signed Card Featuring 8 All Stars That Shined In Hockey's biggest And Brightest Arena Such As: 1963 All Star Game.

Engraved In History: A Triple Signed Memorabilia Card Featuring Cornerstones That Helped Lead Their Franchise To Hockey Immortality.

Superlative Signature Shields: The Holy Grail Of Memorabilia Cards Signed By Hockey Superstars.

Superlative Swatch Signatures 2: An Amazing Front/Back Dual Player Signed Memorabilia Card Featuring Fight Straps, Patches Or Other Amazing Memorabilia From Hockey Heroes.

Old Time Hockey 8: An Eight Player Memorabilia Card Featuring Vintage Hockey Heroes.

Franchise Tag Teams: A Quad Player Memorabilia Card Featuring Franchise Cornerstones Uniform Tags Or Logos.

Greatness: A Single Player. Dual Memorabilia Card Set Featuring Legends And Superstars That Exude Greatness.

Signature Sweaters 6: A Six Player Signed Memorabilia Card Featuring The Most Superlative Of Hockey Legends.

Superlative Mystery Cut Signatures: A Mystery Cut Signature Redemption Featuring A Chance At Some Of The Greatest In Hockey History.

Superlative #1 Picks: A Four Player Signed Memorabilia Card Featuring Only The #1 Picks In NHL Draft History.

Trouvaille: An Absolutely Amazing Dual Player, Dual Memorabilia Card Featuring A Pair Of Hockey Heroes.

Superlative Signatures 4: A Quad Signature Card Featuring A Foursome Of Fearsome Legends.

Superlative Debuts: A 3 Player Signature Card Featuring Hockey Superstars That Made Their Pro Debut During The Same Season.

Superlative Signatures 8: An Eight Player Signed Card Featuring 8 Different Amazing Careers.

Superlative Signature Memorabilia: A Single Player Signed Memorabilia Card Featuring Hockey's Greatest Superstars.

Superlative Patch 6: A six Player, 6 Patch Memorabilia Set Featuring A Sextet Of Superstars.

Superlative Trailblazers: A Dual Signed Memorabilia Set Featuring Hockey Trailblazers That Paved The Way.

Superlative Comp8riots: An Eight Player Signed Card Featuring The Pride Of Their Nation.

Superlative Team Signatures: A Six Player Signed Card Featuring Franchise Cornerstones.

The Superlative 7: A Seven Player Memorabilia Card Featuring The Top Statistical Leaders In Hockey History.