2018 Topps Premier League Platinum (Hobby Box)

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Each Box contains Two Autograph Cards!

Topps is proud to announce the release of an elite hobby card series, Topps Premier League Platinum 2018. This sensational new collection features all the greatest stars from the Premier League on stunning foil cards, including desirable autographs and memorabilia.

Look for Autograph Cards of Eric Cantona, Eric Dier, Olivier Giroud, Aaron Lennon, Mohamed Elneny, and Juan Mata!



There are 100 base cards to collect in the Topps Premier League Platinum 2018 collection, including five players form all 20 Premier League clubs. All 100 cards are designed on stunning foil and feature in-depth biographies of the superstars.


Look our for base parallel cards inside packets this season.

Parallel variations for base cards will include:

- Green - Sequentially numbered to 99
- Purple - Sequentially numbered to 50
- Orange - Sequentially numbered to 25
- Red - Sequentially numbered to 10
- Holographic Foil - One to find


Sensational insert cards, featuring the Premier LEague's superstars.

Global Stars: Featuring 2 international players per team. 1:4 packs

New Signing: Featuring a summer signing from all 20 clubs. 1:4 packs

Icons: Featuring the star player from all 20 PL teams. 1:6 packs

Parallel variations for these Special Insert cards will include but are not limited to:

- Purple - Sequentially numbered to 50
- FoilFractor - One to find


Each mini-box includes an authentic autograph card from some of the Premier League's biggest stars including Gylfi Sigurdsson, Aaron Ramsey, Harry Kane, Kyle Walker, Riyad Mahrez, Olivier Giroud, Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Eric Cantona.

Autograph Cards:

Featuring some the league's greatest players, including special parallel versions:

- Green - Sequentially numbered to 100
- Orange - Sequentially numbered to 25
- Red - Sequentially numbered to 10
- FoilFractor - One to find

Relic Cards: Special cards featuring exclusive jersey swatch relics.

2 Mini-Boxes Per Master Box, 6 Packs Per Mini-Box, 8 Cards Per Pack