2018 Hit Parade Autographed Celebrity 8x10 (Series 1)

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Back for the new year the launch of the 2018 Hit Parade Autographed Celebrity 8x10 Hobby Box Series #1!!! In every box you get THREE Autographed Celebrity 8x10 photos which are authenticated by either PSA/DNA, Leaf, James Spence, Dave & Adam's, Steiner, or Sports & Movie Stuff owned by famous actor Scott Schwartz. Each photo comes in a clear protective top loader with the celebrity's name. Series #1 only has a total of 200 boxes and is very limited. Here are just a few of the other hits that you are going to find (TWO in each case):

Ben Affleck
Kevin Bacon
Kate Beckinsale
Billy Crystal
Jason Momoa
Jon Bernthal
David Prowse
John Cusack
Carrie Fisher
Megan Fox
Burt Reynolds
William Shanter
Charlie Sheen
Patrick Stewart
Steven Tyler
Matt Damon
Peter Dinklage
Nathan Fillion
James Gandolfini
George Clooney
Bradley Cooper
Tom Cruise
Anne Hathaway
Hugh Jackman
Michael Keaton
Jennifer Lopez
Brad Pitt
Ben Stiller
David Tennant
John Travolta
Gillian Anderson
Drew Barrymore
Colin Farrell
Selma Hayek
Ric Flair
Hulk Hogan
Jerry Lewis
James Earl Jones, David Prowse and Jeremy Bulloch
Bella Twins
and Adam West and Burt Ward

And many, many more of your favorite celebrites!!!!