2017 Topps Stadium Club MLS (Hobby Box)

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Each Box contains Two Autographs!

Each Hobby Case guarantees Two Lone Star Signature Cards!

Topps Stadium Club, the trading card brand providing collectors with the most memorable imagery of sports' defining moments, is coming to Major League Soccer!

Topps Stadium Club MLS will present the MLS like never before with vivid base card imagery of the league's biggest stars and its renowned atmospheres. No other trading card brand can portray the momentum and magnificence of MLS like Topps Stadium Club.

Each Hobby Box of Stadium Club MLS will deliver two cards featuring autographs of the league's standouts as well as a multitude of base card parallels and special inserts.



Captivating base card imagery has become synonymous with the Stadium Club brand and Topps Stadium Club MLS will portray the emotion and intensity of Major League Soccer like never before.

Look for limited-edition Base Card variations and color parallels to complete your collection!

Base Card Variations will include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Black & White Parallel
- Gold Parallel
- Members Only Parallel - HOBBY BOX EXCLUSIVE!


Along with its stunning Base Card set, 2017 Topps Stadium Club MLS will feature today's biggest stars of Major League Soccer in two insert subsets.

Profiles: Showcasing unique imagery of league icons on a beautiful full-bleed design.

Scoreless Streak: A horizontal design dedicated to the top goalkeepers of the league, featuring action photography.

In addition to the insert sets above, look for select Base Card Image Variations showcasing active stars from the Base set with short-printed, thematic imagery.


Two Autograph Cards will fall in each Hobby Box of 2017 Stadium Club MLS. In addition, each Hobby Case will guarantee 2 Lone Star Signature cards!

Co-Signers Autographs: Dual subject cards featuring autographs of thematically-paired MLS veterans.

Lone Star Signature: 2 per Hobby case! HOBBY ONLY

Highighting MLS greats in a vivid, dual image autograph subset.

Base Autograph Parallel Cards: A parallel of the Base Card design featuring autographs of active MLS standouts.

- Look for low-numbered, parallel variations!

16 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack