2015 Benchwarmer Treasure Chest (Hobby Box)

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  • 1 000 kr

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Artikelnummer: 1457

Configuration: 1 pack per box. 10 cards per pack.

Bench Warmer is pleased to bring back one of its most exciting and popular products for a Second Series!! Treasure Chest Celebrates the very Best of Bench Warmer, Past and Present with rare cards from past products never released as well as awesome new content with the newest Bench Warmer Models. The cards from past releases are not "BuyBack" Cards but Real UNRELEASED inserts, held in our Archive and brought to you all in one incredible new product. Plus we are bringing back all new original Treasure Chest Autograph Cards including Base Autos and the incredibly popular "Pirates Booty" Premium Autographs plus the new Treasure Chest "Chest" Autographs. We are also adding a Limited Edition Premium Treasure Chest Base Set (1/Box) to deliver even more Value and Collectability to Treasure Chest.


- Treasure Chest Premium Base Card

- Treasure Chest Base Autos With Parallel Foil Colors

- "Chest" Premium Autographs

- "Pirates Booty" Premium Autographs

- Treasure Chest Kiss Cards