2012-13 O-Pee-Chee (Retail Pack)

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Collect the entire 600-Card Set!!

Look for Retro Variation Cards! Find Marquee Rookies/Legends!

This pack lot contains a mixture of RETAIL and BLASTER Packs. There is no guarantee on the number of retail packs vs blaster packs. This is not a sealed box. These packs are returns from various big box stores. There are no guarantees on inserts/hits. Condition of packs may vary.

Key Rookies: Chris Kreider, Casey Cizikas, Jake Alllen, Jaden Schwartz, Ryan Hamilton, Jussi Rynnas Carter Ashton, Maxime Sauve, Sven Baertschi, Tyson Barrie, Mike Connolly, Brandon Bolig, Jason Zucker,


Marquee Rookies/Legends
Retro Variations
Rainbow Parallels
OPC Signatures
Team Canada Signatures

6 Cards Per Pack