2009-10 Topps Puck Attax (Löspaket)

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2009-10 Topps Puck Attax, a fun, new card game that lets kids manage their teams, set their shifts, and face-off in head-to-head action.

Loaded with Stars from all 30 NHL teams.

192 Base Player Game Cards.

  • 96 Forwards
  • 64 Defensemen
  • 32 Goalies

Special limited Gold, Black and Platinum Foil game cards.

Power Play Game Cards
Look for special shiny black foil game cards that capture the top 68 NHL players in the NHL and provide a special boost in power.

Super Star Game Cards
These rare special shiny gold game cards capture 21 of the NHL super-stars, be sure to include them on your team, they ar tough to beat.

Franchise Game Cards
This is the ultimate shift of 6 players, look for these special platinum foil game cards only available in starter packs.