2007-08 ITG Heroes & Prospects (Hobby Box)

  • 699 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Artikelnummer: 1284

24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack

There are 140 Base cards in the set featuring stars of the AHL, CHL, and Hockey Heroes including 40 top prospects. Look for at least (2) Game Used Memorabilia Cards per box on average. Find Game-Used memorabilia 1:20 packs. Also look for Authentic Autograph cards 1:16 packs. There are 9 randomly inserted 2007 calder cup champions insert set 1:14 packs!!!

Game-Used Memorabilia:
-Heroes memorabilia
-Game-Used Jersey
-Game Used Number
-Game-Used Emblem
-Net Prospects
-My Country, My Team
-Canada/Russia Challenge
-Complete Logo
-Gloves are off
-Quad Emblem
-Complete Jersey
-Double Memorabilia
-Triple Memorabilia
*Many are available in limited GOLD versions!!!