2013 ITG Sportkings (Series F Box)

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- Here is just a sampling of some of the great athletes that will be featured in Sportkings Series F: Cristiano Ronaldo, Shaquille O'Neal, Bill Parcells, Tito Ortiz, Scottie Pippen, Fernando Valenzuela, Kerri Strugg, Frank Gifford and plenty more!

- There are only 250 Master Cases available!

- In The Game's exclusive trading card artist, Jared Kelley will continue to paint masterpieces for inclusion in Series F.


Sportkings Series F will be released in time for The National this August in Chicago. There are many new features in Series F along with the traditional hard-signed autographs, authentic memorabilia and captivating artwork that collectors have come to equate to the brand.

Sportkings Series F Base Cards

Continuing where Series E left off the 48 card base set includes an amazing mix of Sport Kings including Shaquille O'Neal, Bill Parcells, Tito Ortiz, Scottie Pippen, Fernando Valenzuela, Kerri Strugg, Frank Gifford and plenty more!

One-of-a-kind Art Cards

Sportkings Series F will feature amazing artwork including the latest artistic innovation, Memorable Moments Art Puzzle Cards

Memorable Moments

Our latest artistic innovation will be found in Series F. It is called Memorable Moments. Memorable Moments cards will depict 20 significant moments in sports' history. Jared will be painting four different cards for each Memorable Moment and when these cards are put together like a puzzle, magic will happen and a masterpiece will come to life.

Body of Work

Body of Work Sportkings' artists have also been hard at work creating another new insert set Series F entitle, Body Of Work.

- Each card is an on-card sketch along with a piece of authentic memorabilia.

- There will be sixty different athletes and each athlete will have 9 different cards; however, each sketch will be different making each of these cards a 1/1 sketch/memo card.

Shaquille O'Neal

We are extremely pleased to announce that Shaquille O'Neal Autograph and Game-Used Memorabilia Cards will be included in packs of Sportkings Series F. "I have been trying to get Shaq on the SportKings team for a number of years, said In The Game, Inc. President, Dr. Brian H. Price, "he finally agreed and we will be producing some great Shaq cards for Series F."

Box Top Redemption Program

Collectors buying boxes of Series F should not throw out their box tops, each box top will qualify for a Box Top Redemption Program which will be announced closer to the Release Date.

Series F might be our best yet.

No other single brand of trading cards can claim the depth of great athletes that have been featured in their product; Ali, Magic, Ripken Jr. Marino, Howe, Namath, Bird, Hogan, Jenner, Chamberlain, Braddock, Rice, Nicklaus, Heiden, Gwynn, Mikan, Perry, Holmes, Namath, Shamrock, Knight, Lemieux, Leonard, Palmer, Brown, Olajuwon, Paige, Oliva, McGwire, Mayweather Jr., Mattingly, Marichal, Pele, Roy, Seaver, Shoemaker, Russell, Ryan, Sawchuk, Andretti, Arcaro, Ashe, Starr, Beamon, Beliveau, Lilly, Blair, Chastain, Carlton, Clemente, Dawson, Sanders, Esposito.

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