1995-96 Be A Player Signature Collection (Löspaket)

  • 239 kr

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Artikelnummer: 570

10 Cards per Pack

Authentic Signed or Die Cut Signed 'Be A Player' card in every pack!!

These authentic signed cards were inserted at a rate of one per pack. Every seventh pack featured a special signed card which was distinguished by unique die-cut corners. The card fronts are the same as the regular cards, but the backs of the signed cards feature a certificate of authenticity. Although production numbers were not officially revealed, documents suggest approximately 3,000 regular and 400 die-cut versions of each signed card were released. The quantities of the Wayne Gretzky cards (#S97) were intially reported at 802 signed and 99 die-cut copies. Upper Deck later announced the actual numbers as being 648 regular and 234 die-cut. The Mike Richter card (#191) was not inserted in packs, but was made available through a mail-in offer. The set is considered complete without this card.