James Bond Archives Trading Cards Box (Rittenhouse 2015)

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Look for Two Autograph Cards Per Box!

Featuring Quantum of Solace, plus You Only Live Once, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Goldeneye!

Autograph Signers include:

Christopher Lee (Scaramanga/The Man With The Golden Gun)
Mathieu Amalric (Mr. Greene/Quantum of Solace)
Jeffrey Wright (Felix Leiter/Casino Royale)
Roger Moore (James Bond)
George Lazenby (James Bond/On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
Teri Hatcher (Paris Carver/Tomorrow Never Dies)
Joe Don Baker (Jack Wade/GoldenEye)
Tanya Roberts (Stacy Sutton/A View To A Kill)
Dolph Lundgren (Venz/A View To A Kill)
Stanley Morgan (Concierge/Dr. No)
Christopher Neame (Fallon/Licence To Kill)
Carl McCrystal (Trukhin/The World Is Not Enough)
Christopher Bowen (Commander Day/Tomorrow Never Dies)
Samantha Bond (Moneypenny/GoldenEye)
Maryam d'Abo (Kara Milovy/The Living Daylights)
Karin Dor (Helga Brandt/You Only Live Twice)
Colin Stinton (Greenwalt/Tomorrow Never Dies)
And Many More!

Featuring, Quantum of Solace Base Cards. A complete retelling of the entire story, scene-by-scene, with more than 200 different photos.

Plus the following bonus card sets:

- GoldenEye Set (1:6 packs, 4 per box)
- The Spy Who Loved Me Throwback Set (1:6 packs, 4 per box)
- The Spy Who Loved Me Throwback Set (1:6 Packs, 4 per box)
- Quantum of Solace GOLD Parallel Base Set (1:24 packs, 1 per box)
- GoldenEye GOLD Parallel Set (1:24 Packs, 1 per box)
- Skyfall Expansions (1:24 packs, 1 per box)

Case Topper:

SPECTRE (2015 Movie) Preview Card

24 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack