2020-21 Leaf In The Game Used Sports (Hobby Box)

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2020 Leaf In The Game Used Sports


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Leaf Trading Cards is proud to announce the return of one of the hobby’s most celebrated products with 2020 In The Game Used Sports!

  • A Career Day – A single player triple memorabilia insert set featuring superstars from all sports highlighting a fantastic day from their amazing careers! Such as: Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken Jr., Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant!
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream – 8 player baseball themed memorabilia insert featuring an amazing checklist of baseball legends such as: Ruth/Williams/Clemente/Mays/Maris/Mantle/Snider/Musial and Ichiro/Yastrzemski/Rose/Jeter/Fox/McCovey/Carter/Hunter.
  • A Year to Remember – A single player quad memorabilia card featuring sports legends and some of the best seasons of all-time! Such as: Mark McGwire 1998, Joe DiMaggio 1942, Walter Payton 1977 and Larry Bird 1984.
  • All-Time All-Star Ballot – A 6 player memorabilia card featuring what would be a historic baseball all-star game ballots by position! Such as: OF-Ruth/DiMaggio/Ott/Clemente/Williams/Musial and 3B-Schmidt/Robinson/Brett/Mathews/Jones/Boggs.
  • All-Time Top 5 – A 5 player memorabilia set featuring the greatest at each position in sports of all time! Such as: Montana/Brady/Marino/Elway/Favre and Magic/Stockton/Kidd/Thomas/Nash.
  • Baseball Redraft – A 4 player memorabilia insert that asks the question, what if the draft were held after we knew who would be great? Such as: 1971 1. Schmidt/2. Brett/3. Rice/4. Hernandez or 1989 1. Thomas/2. Bagwell/3. Thome/4. Kent.
  • Basketball Redraft – A 6 player memorabilia insert set that asks the question, what if the draft were held knowing what we now know? Such as: 1996 1. Kobe/2. Iverson/3. Nash/4. Allen/5. Stojakovic/6. Marbury.
  • Breaking Ankles – A 3 player memorabilia insert featuring those with stop on a dime moves that can put even the best defenders on their rear! Such as: Iverson/Hardaway/Marbury and Sanders/Sayers/Dorsett.
  • In The Game Used Auto – Single player auto memorabilia featuring stars such as: Joe Montana, Cristiano Ronaldo and Giannis Antetokounmpo.
  • In The Game Used Dual Auto – 2 player auto memorabilia set featuring heroes such as: Sosa/McGwire and Shaquille O’Neal/Kevin Garnett.
  • In The Game Used Triple Auto – 3 player auto memorabilia card featuring triple stars such as: Montana/Bird/Ripken and Aikman/Smith/Irvin.
  • One In A Generation – A single player signature memorabilia card featuring once in a lifetime athletes such as: Ken Griffey Jr., Lionel Messi and Bo Jackson.
  • The Champions Club – Dual auto memorabilia card featuring 2 stars that were once champions! Such as: Thomas/Rodman, Arod/Rivera and Rose/Larkin.
  • Super Swatch Signatures – An Auto memorabilia card with a jumbo-sized memorabilia swatch! Featuring sports icons such as: Mariano Rivera and Lawrence Taylor.
  • In The Game Used Letter – Letters right off the back of superstar game used jerseys! Look for iconic names such as: Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds and Ben Roethlisberger.
  • Jumbo Patch – A patch of greatness in jumbo size! Featuring monster star patches such as: Hoyt Wilhelm, Jim Kelly, Frank Robinson and Tony Gwynn!
  • Decade vs. Decade – An 8 player memorabilia card that matches up legends from each decade! Which decade would dominate? 50’s vs. 90’s Mantle/Musial/Mays/Berra vs. Griffey Jr./Bonds/Piazza/Gwynn or 80’s vs. 00’s Bird/Magic/Parish/Thomas vs. Kobe/Duncan/Garnett/McGrady.
  • Season Leaders – A 4 player memorabilia insert featuring league leaders for a season across different sports such as: Payton/Walton/Ryan/Lafleur – 1977, Puckett/Stockton/Lemieux/Montana – 1989 and Griffey/Lemieux/Rodman/Sanders – 1997.
  • In The Game Used Gear – A single player 6 swatch memorabilia card featuring sports legends and heroes! Such as: Jerry Rice, Roddy Piper, Kobe Bryant and Derek Jeter!
  • Enshrined Town – Hall of fame legends that share a city are featured on this 6 player memorabilia card such as: Payton/Pippen/Hull/Dent/Williams/Rodman.
  • Greatest Games of All Time – A 4 player memorabilia card featuring stars that played in some of the most memorable and classic games ever! Such as: Fisk/Yastrzemski/Rose/Morgan – October 21, 1975 and Magic/Worthy/Bird/McHale – June 9,1985.
  • Moniker Matchups – A dual player memorabilia card featuring some of the most recognizable nicknames of all-time going head to head! Such as Ruth/Mantle The Bambino vs. The Commerce Comet, Earl Campbell/Jerome Bettis The Tyler Rose vs. The Bus and Julius Erving/Larry Bird Dr. J vs. Larry Legends.
  • One on One – a dual player memorabilia card featuring two basketball superstars going head to head such as: Kobe/McGrady, Wilkins/Dr.J and Garnett/Duncan.
  • The Fantastic Franchise – 8 player memorabilia card featuring all time greats from some of sports greatest franchises such as: St. Louis Musial/Pujols/McGwire/Smith/Brock/Gibson/La Russa/Clark, Pittsburgh Clemente/Stargell/Parker/Bonds/Mazeroski/Bonilla/Blyleven/Madlock and Ruth/Mantle/DiMaggio/Maris/Munson/Jeter/Jackson/Berra.
  • Sole Man – A single player game used shoe card! Featuring basketball icons such as Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, and Allen Iverson.
  • The Chosen Few – Amazing one of one memorabilia insert set featuring MLB Logos, NBA Logos and NFL Shields plus some amazing patches, tags, logos and More! Featuring amazing memorabilia from: Kobe Bryant, Jack Nicklaus, Larry Bird, Kurt Warner and Reggie Jackson!
  • The Iconic 8 – 8 player memorabilia card featuring some of sports most iconic athletes! Such as Marino/Montana/Kelly/Manning/Young/Aikman/Brady/Elway and Messi/Bryant/Federer/Jeter/Roethlisberger/Tyson/Trout/Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Passing the Baton – 2 legends are featured in this dual memorabilia insert that highlights passing the mantle of greatness. Such as: Dimaggio/Mantle, Payton/Sanders, Ali/Holmes and Dr. J/Kobe.

2020 Leaf In The Game Used Sports
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