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2016 Star Wars Rogue One: Mission Briefing (Blaster)

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Chase Harrison Ford Autos!

This is a 2016 Topps Star Wars Rogue One Mission Briefing Series Blaster Box of Packs with One GUARANTEED Character Patch Card Per Box and 60 additional cards.

Topps will take fans on an incredible adventure across the Star was saga and preview the upcoming film Rogue One on classic Topps Heritage stock! Topps Star Wars Road to Rogue One will explain how the Death Star was created and ultimately destroyed by the Rebel Alliance and gives fans a preview of the new film.

Each box contains ten (10) packs for a total of sixty (60) cards. Forty (40) base cards + ten (10) parallels + ten (10) inserts + one Bonus Commemorative Patch card.

Possible inserts include Sketch Cards, Patch Cards, Printing Plates, over 70 different Autographs from across the Star Wars' Saga with several new signers, Character Stickers, Heroes of The Rebel Alliance, Villains of The Galactic Empire, The Death Star, Montages, Comic Strips plus parallel versions of base cards including Death Star and Blue

10 Packs per Box