2015-16 Star Wars Illustrated: The Empire Strikes Back (Hobby Pack)

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Star Wars Illustrated: The Empire Strikes Back comes to life with new and unique illustrated vantage points from the movie and Radio Drama

Breathtaking all new artwork depicts Star Wars like never before!

Star Wars Illustrated depicts The Empire Strikes Back from new vantage points and reveals new depth to the epic story. Base cards feature all-new original artwork from top-tier artists.

145 cards tell the story of The Empire Strikes Back

* (100) Base Cards

* (3) Base Parallels - Purple, Bronze & Gold

* (15) One Year Earlier Insert

* (10) Movie Poster Artist Reinterpretations

* (8) Embossed Carbonite Character Insert

* (12) The Mission: Capture Skywalker Insert

6 different Hits add value for collectors

* Panorama Sketch Cards

* Film Cell Relics

* Sketchagraphs

* Sketch Cards

* Artist Autographs

* Printing Plates

Insert cards - Provide chase for collectors and add depth to the base set

One Year Earlier (1:2) 15 cards illustrating what happened in the year before The Empire Strikes Back

Movie Poster Artist Reinterpretations (1:3) 10 artist reinterpretations of classic The Empire Strikes Back posters movie poster

Embossed Carbonite Character Inserts (1:12) 8 foil cards that combine to create a scene from the radio drama

The Mission: Capture Luke Skywalker (1:8) 12 cards depicting this vital mission in the story

Panorama Sketch Cards Book cards that are original pieces of art hand drawn by fan favorite Topps artists

Film Cell Relics Authentic 35mm film cells from the original 1980 The Empire Strikes Back film embedded within cards

New and unique hits add value for Star Wars collectors

Printing Plates One of a kind printing plates from the production of the base and insert cards

Artist Autographs Base parallel signed by the artist who created it

Sketchagraphs Sketch cards autographed by top Star Wars actors from the movie and radio drama

6 cards per pack