2013 Panini Golden Age Baseball (Hobby Box)

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Artikelnummer: 2040

Find One Historic Signature card, One Museum Age Memorabilia Card, Twenty-Four Mini Parallels, Two Bread For Energy inserts, Two Delong Gum inserts,
One Three Stooges insert, One Tip Top Bread Label, Eight Golden Age Playing Cards, and One Exhibit Box Topper Per Box!

Look for One Hobby Box Topper per Box!

Find key pieces of memorabilia in Museum Age, including pieces of the Hindenburg and swatches from a pair of 1919 fight-used Gene Tunney gloves.

Historic Signatures bring an impressive lineup of on-card signers from the Golden Age of sports and entertainment.

The Three Stooges are featured in their own insert set, marking their largest inclusion in a trading card product in more than 45 years!

Collect the entire 52-card Golden Age playing card deck (and jokers, too). Find 8 playing cards per box!

Look for Historic Cuts featuring cut signatures of the last century's biggest names!

Exhibit cards from the 1940s through the final years in the mid-60's captured the image of the depicted athlete like few other cards did. A new run of Exhibits will be box toppers, one per box.
Forty different subjects!


COMMON: 150-card Commons set features personalities from the world of sports, entertainment and politics.


HISTORIC SIGNATURES: Nearly 85 years after their original release, Delong Gum cards return with an all-star lineup of talent seeded an average of one per box
making them collectible once more.


THE THREE STOOGES: In the words of Moe Howard: "Spread out, Knuckleheads!" Then collect all 9 of these Stooges inserts, the largest Stooges trading card presence since the mid-1960s.


HISTORIC SIGNATURES: Historic Signatures return with their on-card autographs and a lineup that borrows from several sports and occupations, including: Sugar Ray Leonard, Yogi Berra, Thomas Hearns, Bo Derek and legendary comic artist Stan Lee, among others.

24 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack