2010-11 Zenith (Hobby Pack)

  • 59 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Artikelnummer: 240

Look for On-Card Autographs from the top rookies and stars of the NHL!

Also look for these randomly inserted cards:
Autographed Rookies (25 cards)
Autographed Rookies SP (15 cards)
Red Hot/White Hot (140 cards)
Epix Materials (50 Cards)
Z-Team/Red Hot/White Hot (10 cards)
Behind the Bench Autographs (15 cards)
Rookie Roll Call/Jerseys/Jerseys Patches (20 cards)
Chasing the Cup (20 cards)
Gifted Grinders/Scraps/Scraps Prime (20 cards)
Winter Warriors Materials/Prime (50 cards)
Mozaics/Materials Singles/Materials Double/Materials Triple (20 cards)
Team Logo Die-Cuts (50 Cards)
Yours Truly Autographs (100 cards)
Crease Is The Word (10 cards)